Make a Wheatgrass Centerpiece!

Searching for something fresh for your wedding? It can’t get much fresher than this wheatgrass centerpiece. Worried about the not-so-fresh cost this centerpiece might fetch from the pros? Then you’re in the right place! Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to recreate this look in 8 easy steps.

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Pros: Super simple! This DIY centerpiece is hard to mess up. It can be customized for any color scheme and is a great for a spring or summer wedding.

Cons: Wheatgrass can be tricky to handle! You want to time this project correctly or you could end up with wilted grass! Definitely a pre-order item.

Step 1: To create your wheat grass centerpiece you will need a low glass container (we used a 12”x12”x2” square shaped vase), a slab of wheatgrass, 2 to 5 stems of daisy spray mums, 5 to 15 green staked water tubes, fresh water (with no preservatives) and a good pair of floral shears.

Step 2: Use your container to measure the amount of the wheatgrass that you will need. Note: Make sure to create a sample of your centerpiece in advance so that you know how well it works in your container and how much wheat grass you will need!

Step 3: Use your floral shears to cut your wheat grass. You will be cutting through the root bed.

Step 4: Place your wheat grass into your container.

Step 5: Next, trim your daisy spray mums at the lowest portion of the individual bloom stems.

Step 6: Slide the stems into your water tubes (remember to fill them with water first!).

Step 7: And now simply insert your water-tube flowers into the wheatgrass. Push deep enough so that the stake is deeply embedded and the water tube and flower stay in the position you would like. Proceed to add as many flowers as you would like!

Step 8: And now you have a great wheatgrass centerpiece! Keep cool, do not over water, and enjoy!

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