Wedding Color Schemes - How's a Girl to Choose?

Given any thought to wedding color schemes? Or are you avoiding choosing like the plague? While some brides know right away what colors they would like to represent their special day, others are still clueless and unsure. But never fear...inspiration is everywhere, in many forms, from the fashion world, nature, your venue...even your favorite picture can become inspiration for your wedding colors!

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Pantone Predicted Color Trends

Familiar with Pantone? Pantone is the authority on color. They developed the system that is used today in the graphic industry to match colors exactly. So they definitely know their lemon yellow from their butter yellow! Every year Pantone comes out with a new fashion color scheme prediction. It's called the Pantone View Colour Planner and is used as a huge inspiration for everything from home decor, graphic designs, the fashion industry ...and you guessed it...The wedding industry, too! Stop by Pantone's website and check out their 1,925 colors! And rest assured that if you see colors that you love, your chances of matching them precisely will be even better.


If you're having a bit of an inspirational block, take a walk in the park, or go for a hike. Nature has been inspiring us since the dawn of time! With an open mind, you'll see tons of wedding color schemes for you to choose from. The jewel tones of a hummingbird might catch your eye. The soft colors of a pastel sea shell just may get you thinking. And the vibrant pinks and oranges of an incredible sunset could make your decision much easier. Nature just might be your inspirational muse! But with all of the tints and shades in nature, how are you to decide exactly what colors were the ones that colored your world at that moment? Well, we hope you brought your camera on that stroll.

Image Converter

Perhaps you want to use a favorite photograph as inspiration for your wedding colors. What's the best way to pin point and break down your colors for further thought? Why, in this amazing day and age, you have free color palette tools available to you. That's right, you can simply take your digital image, upload it into a tool in seconds and have your colors broken down into solid blocks for you.

A particularly useful one has been this color palette generator from Big Huge Labs. Free, it will break down your image into the most basic colors, and even give you the color codes for precise matching in graphics editors.

Venue D├ęcor

What if you just want to play it safe and go with something that's going to work with your venue's decor? Take a closer look at your venue and zero in on three factors: Walls, carpet and finishing accents. Say your venue has taupe colored walls with a burgandy and mustard pattern of palm fronds in the carpet, and gold toned sconces on the wall? To play it safe you could use variations of those colors to really make the room mesh nicely with your wedding choices. Creams, ivories, champagnes, golds, goldenrod, reds, burgandys and wines will all be safe color choices. Take a cue from your venue if you really don't want to put too much thought into your colors.

Whatever you decide about wedding color schemes, make sure that it's something you and your fiance are happy with. Good luck!

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