Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers! 

You may be thinking of wedding centerpieces without flowers for multiple reasons.  Maybe you or someone else in your party is allergic to flowers or perhaps the costs or logistics of fresh flowers is not working out for you.  Not to worry!  There are many creative and lovely alternatives to fresh flowers.   Fruits and veggies, dried flowers, plants, photos, feathers, branches and the classic candle centerpiece really only scratches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to alternatives to fresh cut flowers.


Fresh fruits and vegetables can be creative twists for wedding centerpieces without flowers.  Groupings of apples look amazing in elegant glass vessels (such as this simple apple centerpiece).  Artichokes and kale can give natural and rustic vibe to a centerpiece while still mimicking the shape of many fresh flowers. And piles of artfully secured citrus fruit can create an amazing display for a summer soiree.  Gourds, pumpkins and colorful corn could make perfect fall centerpiece.  Fat grapes draped over favorite bottles of wine would compliment a wine lovers wedding.   Try one of these ideas out for yourself.  Materials can be bought from so many sources.  


Dried flowers, foliage and materials can also make unique and interesting centerpieces.  While still technically flowers, the issues of allergies and wilting have been removed.  Dried flower centerpieces should be created with thought and care…No need to have your centerpieces accidentally come out looking like Great Aunt Ida’s high school craft project.  Choose materials that work with the color and theme of your event.  Dried eucalyptus can be perfect for a winter wedding when spray painted silver.  Pine cones and lotus pods would look ever so amazing on a bed of dried sheet moss.  And sheaves of wheat or dried fall leaves could be perfect for that fall fete you’ve been pondering.



Photos can create a deeply personal centerpiece with the added benefit of little expense being involved compared to traditional floral centerpieces.  Photos displayed in collections of different sizes in beautiful frames that reflect the color scheme of the wedding are great.  Pictures can also be displayed outside of the frames by connecting them to different sized candle sticks or stands.  You can also create a beautiful luminary by printing images onto sheer vellum paper and connecting frames together so that a candle or light can be displayed in the center.  The effect is beautiful with light shining through the images.







Plants making you think green for your wedding centerpieces without flowers, literally?  Plants can be a perfect centerpiece for so many reasons. (Eco bride and groom, are you still reading?) You can get them at a great price and can use them long after the wedding.  They can be given as wedding favors for guests in addition to centerpieces. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can suite almost any theme.  Don’t believe me?  Try an Orchid plant arrangement for your tropical or beach themed wedding.  Having a Victorian wedding?  Try collections of African Violets wrapped in lovely materials and staggered at levels to create an attractive display.  A very modern affair?  Succulent plants tucked into cubes all around the table can give your event the edge it needs.  Craving holiday vibrancy on your tables?  Pop on some poinsettia. Looking for that rustic romance?  Herb gardens displayed in burlap trimmed cans can be beautiful and serve many more purposes.  Need I say more about plants?




Feathers come in and out of popularity quite often.  They can be a great fresh flower alternative because they are available in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Typically, the image that comes to mind of feather centerpieces is a raised centerpiece displaying an eruption of white ostrich feathers from the top.  This is a fun and easily customizable centerpiece.  Be wary as it can become expensive.  Feather boas are a great was to use feathers as centerpieces…Easily wind a boa around the base of a hurricane candle display.  Need more drama than that?  Cover a lamp shade with a feather boa and create a glowing lamp centerpiece…oh-so-perfect for that night club reception.







Branch centerpieces are another great way to use natural materials for centerpieces without uses fresh flowers.  And there are numerous ways to display them.  From vases of curly willow (available from as small as 3 feet to as tall as 7 feet!), to birch branches and birch logs, Manzanita branches with a base attached for standing straight on the table (think Mini Tree look), grape wood logs laid across the tables to any natural branches from your neighborhood (…perhaps painted a fabulous shade of gold or silver?).  You can even disguise branches as colorful coral.  The options could go on and on.  And the options to decorate them can continue, as well! Consider the theme of your event and the level of elegance you’re looking for when designing your branch centerpiece.




Candles are tried and true favorites for wedding centerpieces without flowers.  More appropriate for evening occasions, candles can be displayed in countless ways and incorporating any theme or decorative accent.  Make sure that your venue will allow candles (ie; historic sites tend to impose rules against flame to safeguard the property.  Some venues have a strict “in glass only” rule.  Double check, and play it safe when it comes to flame!). Floating candles are a great way to create a magical centerpiece.  Used with colored or clear water, accents or unadorned they create the surreal image of flames suspended.  Pillar candles grouped together can also make for a stately display.  And we cannot say enough about taper candles in various thrift store candle sticks! Candles are the original wedding centerpieces without flowers.



Any of these alternatives to fresh flowers could be the perfect choice for your fete.  Play with different ideas, think of the logistics involved with your wedding day and have fun!  And please don’t forget to share your wedding centerpieces without flowers with us here at Bride Craft!

Show off your inner gourmet with gourmet strawberries wedding favors you made yourself!

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