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Wedding cake toppers are one of the most popular ways to decorate wedding cakes. Cakes from decades ago and cakes from last weekend have all benefitted from the crowning glory of a carefully selected cake topper. Using a topper is another way to help continue your theme or add your personality to the most important dessert of the day. And the variety of cake toppers is almost endless! So how does a girl begin to choose? Start by looking at today’s most popular styles to help you make a decision. Flowers, Bride and Groom figures, initials and monograms all have their own charms for you to consider.

Fresh and Sugar Flowers

Flowers have long been popular when it comes to wedding cakes. Sugar flowers are often created by cake decorators to compliment the cake. They can be carefully made to match the flowers used in the wedding exactly. Because they are hand crafted pieces of art, they can become pricey. Fresh flowers are the alternative to handmade sugar blooms. Your florist or your baker can place fresh flowers for you while creating your wedding cake toppers out of flowers.

Bride & Groom Figures

Bride and Groom figurines might be one of the most famous wedding day cake toppers. There are tons of specialty bride and groom figurines – everything from brides on cell phones to fire fighter grooms. And many more quirky figurines are available. There are certainly tons of more classic bride and groom figures as well. And if you’re into the ever popular vintage theme, try an antique bride and groom wedding cake toppers. These can be borrowed of inherited from beloved family members or treasures uncovered from antique shops.

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Monograms and Initials

If you lean towards a cleaner style topper that puts emphasize on your new name, then a cake top initial or monogram set might be for you! Highly customizable, these toppers can be made out of metal, bling or crystal details, acrylic and even wood. They can be any colors or fonts that the bride and groom like! And most come with prongs at the bottom to help insert and secure the letters into the cake top.

Choosing from so many cake toppers can be daunting! Remember that whatever you choose should ultimately compliment the cake you’ve chosen as well as suite the over-all theme of your event. With choices like sugar and fresh flowers, hundreds of bride and groom cake tops and monogram options available, the biggest problem will be choosing which topper style you like best.

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