A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating This Ribbon and Pearl Unity Candle!

Want a beautiful unity candle? Want it for a beautiful price? Consider this simple and elegant unity candle project! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to create this candle set.

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Pros: Cheap, sturdy, looks awesome and is easy to recreate in any color!

Cons: Not a lot of cons with this one. Be careful for flying pins with the wire cutters, and don’t leave the candle any place warm enough for it to deform.

Step 1: You will need 1 pillar candle, 2 taper candles, scissors, sturdy wire cutters, a box of pearl head pins, and a ribbon of your choice.

Step 2: Unravel your ribbon and measure it up against your candle. Make sure you have enough to criss cross front and back several times. When you are ready, center the length you have measured out and position it against the “back” of the candle.

Step 3: Pull the ribbon forward and criss cross it to the other hand. In other wards, the end that was in the left hand will now be in the right, and vise versa. Now perform a twist once again. Tip: Play with twisting the ribbon until you’re comfortable! No need to rush.

Step 4: Create several criss crosses down the length of the candle. Make sure that the twists (the parts that look like knots) are even up and down, as well as the ones that are front and back.

Step 5: Tie a secure knot at the back, bottom of the candle. Cut any excess ribbon as neatly as you can.

Step 6: Take your pearl pins and trim them to about this length with your wire clippers. Tip: The length should be short enough to be easily pressed into the candle wax, but not so short that it could be knocked off.

Step 7: Select a space in which you would like a pearl, and simply push it firmly into the wax.

Step 8: The pearl should be flush up against the wax, but not deforming the wax.

Step 9: You should have something like this.

Step 10: And now your beautiful unity candle is complete! Store in a cool dry place until wedding day, and enjoy.

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