DIY Wedding Unity Candle Sets!

Unity candles are, believe it or not, a new comer to modern day weddings. This now very popular wedding day addition was born in the United States, somewhere within the past 50 years (or so it is speculated).

Paper Trimmed Candle
Paper Trimmed Candle
Beach Unity Candle
Beach Themed Candle
Ribbon and Pearl Unity Candle
Ribbon & Pearl Candle

If you have chosen this candle ceremony to unite your future hubby and your splendid self together , then wonderful. It’s a beautiful ceremony full of symbolism and meaning. And there are ways to make it even more special.

Themes and Decoration Ideas

You may choose to incorporate any number of items or themes into your unity candle set so that it holds special meaning. The options are absolutely limitless. Some couples attach their wedding invitation or a favorite bible verse or poem. Other’s festoon their candles with pearls or faux gemstones. Ribbons are always a wedding staple. And for the more naturally inclined couple, things like shells, leaves, pressed flowers, acorns, feathers, etc, etc can be used to fashion a candle that is completely pleasing. Who wouldn’t like a custom candle for their big day? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could have that unique candle without the big custom price tag?

Cost Range

Wedding unity candle sets can be seen ranging somewhere around 30 dollars for the simpler sets, and up to 100 dollars for more elaborate candle trios. Although some fun variations exist, a Unity set is still simply two taper candles and a pillar candle dressed up for a wedding.


This symbolic custom has several variations to it that may be appropriate for your special day.  The same symbolism can be extended to several variations beyond the traditional candle set that involves two taper candles and a single center pillar candle set. 

Floating candles with taper candles (or the ever functional if less attractive lighter guns) with engraved glass vases that house the floating candle are a neat twist to the traditional. 

Sand ceremonies have become extremely popular.  Particularly for outdoor and beach ceremonies in which it may be difficult to light candles.  These can be performed with beautiful glass vessels as well as the emerging trend of shadow box keepsake frames. 

Less popular but still lovely and interesting is the Water Unity ceremony.  Water is collected from the homes of each family and poured together into a single vessel to symbolize the joining of the two families and two lives.  This tradition came be made a bit flashier by adding small amounts of food coloring to the water.

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