Add Something Blue to Your Bouquet!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Lots of brides today are trying to figure out simple and elegant ways to incorporate this old tradition into their modern day weddings.  The bridal bouquet is the ultimate wedding day accessory and is the perfect place to display all of the above!  Borrow Grandma’s old faux pearl necklace, purchase some new  blue beads and craft a pretty interpretation of this ceremonial custom.

Pros:Simple, elegant and not an overwhelming amount of blue if it's not your hue.  Easily customizable.

Cons:You need a steady hand and some patience!


You will need long tooth picks or bamboo skewers, several sizes of decorative beads (including a bead or bauble that dangles), glue dots, thin wire or fishing line and a little bit of patience!

Step 1:  Roll one end of the toothpick over the glue dot, making sure that it covers it all around.  If you have one sided toothpicks, choose the non-pointed end to do this on.

Step 2: Cover two toothpicks for the first strand of bouquet beads.  They should look something like this.

Step 3: Take about 10 to 12 inches of wire or fishing line and begin winding it around the sticky end of the toothpick.  If needed, tie the piece off for extra security.  The glue dot should help keep everything in place.

Step 4: String beads in whatever pattern you find attractive.  Mixing sizes can add interest to your bouquet beads.

Step 5: Add a bead or trinket that can dangle and be a focal point for each bouquet strand.  Make sure to position the bead so that it faces forwards and does not get twisted sideways.

Step 6:  Count out your beads to make sure you have the same pattern on the other side of the main bead.  When both sides match each other, finish the excess wire by winding it around the other toothpick and securing it with the glue dot.

Step 7: Make several beaded bouquet strands, all the same sides. And now they’re ready to be inserted into a professionally or DIY made bouquet!  Insert the toothpicks into the Oasis wet foam in the pro-made bridal bouquet, or weave these at the base of your do-it-yourself bouquet and secure with the ribbon you bind the handle with. 

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