Design a Quick and Affordable Silk Sunflower Centerpiece!

Thinking of a silk sunflower centerpiece for your wedding? Considering silks because of budget, but afraid of your wedding boasting the cheesiest centerpieces ever? Simply can't afford the professional designer's pricing? This project may be for you! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to create this modern silk sunflower centerpiece that will delight you AND your guests.

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Pros: Incredibly affordable and easy to make, point blank. Anyone can recreate this project and enjoy the results.

Cons: Be careful transporting glass! These centerpieces can be sent to the venue half assembled, but will need to have the water added when there.

Step 1: You will need 3 to 4 medium silk sunflowers, a square glass vase (6”x6”used in this project), half a bag of black river rocks, and 3 small floating candles.

Step 2: Pour about half a bag of river rocks into the bottom of your glass cube, then fill with water. Tip: Be careful when pouring in your river rocks. They may be small, but the glass can still be cracked if not careful. Also, remember not to fill the vase completely with water, as the sunflowers being inserted will make the water rise a bit more.

Step 3: Separate your silk flower heads from the wire stems.

Step 4: Cluster the silk blooms together so that the backs are facing each other, and all of the “fronts” of the flowers are facing forward.

Step 5: Gently sink your blooms under water. Hold them there for a moment until they are completely saturated and stay submerged.

Step 6: Adjust the silk sunflowers as needed.

Step 7: You should have something like this.

Step 8: Prep your floating candles by lifting the wicks, so that they stand up straight and are not flush against the candle wax. This will make it much easier to light the candles.

Step 9: Float your candles, making sure not to get the wicks of the candle wet.

Step 10: Enjoy your modern, affordable centerpiece!

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