Create Hand Tied Rose Wedding Bouquets!

Hand Tied Rose Wedding Bouquets
Have you always dreamed of rose wedding bouquets for your wedding? Want to know How to Make a Bouquet just like this one? Then you're in the right place! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to do just that.

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Pros: Roughly a $45+ savings, depending on your region! With some slight modifications, this bouquet is also ideal for bridesmaids. And with this design, you have a lot of artistic control over things like stem count, including foliage, treating bouquet handles etc.

Cons: Like all fresh flower projects, this must be done very close to the wedding day (possibly as close as the day before). It should be kept in a cool place away from pets and curious kids. And it MUST be kept in water until ready for ceremony, photos or what not.

Step 1: You will need 18 to 24 large headed roses (“Black Magic” are shown here...they are a popular choice for rose wedding bouquets in red because of their deep hue and large petal count), a good pair of florist or garden clippers, a sharp knife, green florist tape, double sided foam tape, wide satin ribbon, a thinner accent ribbon and three pearl head pins.

Step 2: Using your knife, strip the leaves and any thorns on the rose stem by skimming the blade against the direction of growth. Tip: Try not to hack big chucks of the stem itself off. Roses actually drink through their “skin”, from the bottom of the stem up. Big missing pieces of “stem skin” could slow down the blossom’s ability to take up water.

Step 3: You should have clean, non thorny stems. Tip: It may not be pictured here, but you should keep a bucket of clean, cool water on hand. After each stem is cleaned, place it back into the bucket so that the rose can continue to drink.

Step 4: Carefully pinch off any guard petals. Tip: What’s a guard petal? As roses grow, they have a protective set of outer petals called guard petals. These can sometimes be browned or blackened on the edges, or some other color variation that may or may not be appealing to you. If you do not like how the outer petals look…simply grasp them gently and pinch them off. Be cautious not to take off any extras.

Step 5: To begin making the basic shape of rose wedding bouquets, take three nicely shaped rose heads and create a triangular cluster as shown.

Step 6: Use your florist green tape and secure the three stems so they don’t move on you. Tip: This “tape” is self adhesive, and may be tricky to get the hang of for a few minutes. Begin by gently pulling on the tape with one hand, and slowly spinning the rose stems in the other. When done correctly, the tape will stick to itself, and the roses will stick together.

Step 7: Take three more roses and fill them in between the spaces of the first three base roses, as shown. Use green tape to secure as needed.

Step 8: Continue to add roses around the base you have created. Work to create a round shape. Tip: Work in front of a mirror! Occasionally angle the bouquet top towards the mirror, so you get a feel for how it’s actually looking.

Step 9: When you have achieved a round shape, or are otherwise satisfied with the shape and size of your rose wedding bouquets, be sure to secure with more tape. Tip: Be gentle. Rose stems have a little bit of bend and give to them….But rose heads still commonly pop off. IF that happens, before getting frustrated and starting from scratch, see if you can work out the headless steam and slip in an unbroken stem in it’s place.

Step 10: You should have something like this by now.

Step 11: Rip off a piece of double sided tape and pull it around the handle of your bouquet, until it comes full circle and can be secured to itself. This is where your ribbon will be attached.

Step 12: Secure the underside of the ribbon to the double sided tape (if you’ve chosen a double faced ribbon, disregard this. For those of you with a one-sided ribbon, we just want to make sure that the pretty side is up).

Step 13: Wrap the ribbon to the desired length, then cut excess. Tip: If you do not want to see any of the floral stem of your bouquet, you have two options. Wrap the bouquet, leaving at least 3 inches of stem sticking out from the bottom, and place back in shallow water so your ribbon wrap is not soaked. Before the ceremony or pictures, trim the extra stem length to the base of the ribbon handle. The other option is to wait to wrap the bouquet ‘til just before show time, so that it does not have to go back in water. If you like the natural look of the stems on rose wedding bouquets, you’re already set.

Step 14: Fold the rough edge of the ribbon underneath itself, and secure with the pearl pins. Tip: Make sure that the pins do not shoot through the handle at an angle. Inspect the handle to ensure that there are no painful points anywhere waiting to stab you.

Step 15: You should have something like this now.

Step 16: You might be done with your handle wrap. But if you want to add an accent color in, now is the time to do so with your smaller ribbon. Unwind your ribbon and measure it against the handle to make sure that you have enough.

Step 17: Loop the ribbon around the “back” of the handle, and then twist in the front. So, the end that was in your right hand will now be in your left, and so on. Repeat down the handle until you are satisfied.

Step 18: Tie a knot discreetly, and trim the extra ribbon so that you do not see frayed edges.

Step 19: Decide where you would like the bouquet to end. Trim evenly with the clippers.

Step 20: Tada! The end result should be similar. Place in water right after cutting, so the ends of the stems do not dry up and make it difficult for the roses to drink. Enjoy making rose wedding bouquets!

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