Creating an Orchid and Light Centerpiece!

orchid and light centerpiece in glass cylinder

Love the modern and elegant look of an orchid and light centerpiece for your wedding? Not loving the look of the professional price tag that comes with it? Then you're in the right place! Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to recreate this look at 7 easy steps!

Pros: This centerpiece idea is incredibly simple, extremely customizable and can be partially created before the day of the wedding. Creating this centerpiece yourself can help save hundreds of dollars.

Cons: The glass vases for this centerpiece can become expensive if you are unable to find them as rentals or at a good purchase price. The major assembly for this centerpiece must be done the day of the weddng.

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Step 1: You will need 3 to 5 submersible floralytes, a 6"x20" cylinder vase (or whatever works for you!), sheet moss, fine wire or fishing line, a watering can and blooms from a cymbidium orchid (or a flower of comprable size).

Step 2: Take your sheet moss and fit it around the base of your vase so that it creates a band at the bottom. Secure the moss by wrapping thin write, ribbon or fishing line around it.

Step 3: Twist your lights on and insert them into the vase. Tip: You may want to secure the lights to the bottom of the vase with florist putty, a tacky clay-like material. This is of couse optional.

Step 4: Your lights should rest on the bottom of the vase, just like so.

Step 5: Slowly fill your vase up with water, leaving room for the flowers to be added. If you chose to work with florist putty to secure the lights, they are much less likely to move during this step.

Step 6: Take your orchid spray and pluck off 5 to 10 blooms from the stem (depending how many you feel your vase will take). Float them at the top of the vase and allow them to sink as you add more blooms on top of the others.

Step 7: Your orchid and light centerpiece vase should look something like this! Transport carefully to the table and fill to the top as needed. Sit back and enjoy the illuminated blooms!

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