How to Make Your Own Wedding Veil

Want to know how to make your own wedding veil just like this one? Then you're in the right place! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to make your own wedding veil in 8 easy steps.

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Pros: Practically effortless to make! Inexpensive, easy to customize and lovely. Something that can be passed down to the next generation if taken care of.

Cons: Special attention must be paid to the cutting, so that the edges are not jagged.

Step 1: You will need tulle 52 to 54” wide (cut to just a bit more than the length that you would like your veil to be. Ex: Elbow length, fingertip, etc, etc.), scissors, a hair comb (metal is preferred, but it can be done just as nicely with the plastic one shown), needle and thread, a marker, and something circular to measure by (we used a cake pan). Optional: Clothespins to help you secure the tulle and keep it still while you work.

Step 2: Fold your tulle in half, length wise. Tip: If you need to, secure with clothes pins.

Step 3: Using something large and circular trace a curve on the open side of the tulle. You basically want to create a round edge on the bottom of the veil. Do not do this on the folded side of the veil, as this will create an undesirable cut later.

Step 4: Cut the tulle following the mark you just made. Tip: Cut just inside of the mark, so that the line is trimmed away from the actual veil.

Step 5: Push your needle and thread through the “top” of your veil. Gently gather the material in on both sides until you have a nice, slightly pleated effect at the top.

Step 6: Position the hair comb against the gathered part of the tulle. Make any adjustments needed to line the tulle and the comb up.

Step 7: Fold the tulle over the top of the comb and begin to secure the tulle and comb together with your needle and thread. Tip: Try the veil on after loosely securing it, so you can make sure that it’s falling the way you like. If not, readjust until it is.

Step 8: And now you know how to make your own wedding veil! Enjoy your perfectly pretty, single layer veil! Optional: If you’d like, you can now add rhinestones, pearls, beads, ribbon, lace, etc, etc.

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