Make Your Own Invitations

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If you are bride and decide to make your own invitations you will find that there are many things that you have to take into consideration to complete your project.

Making your own invites and/or stationery will help you create a unique item for your wedding while giving you the freedom of choosing your own colors, fonts, wording and design.

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While there are many options available when it comes to DIY wedding invitations, there are some rules that apply to all methods.

Here are some tips to get the most of your time and choose the best DIY invitation method for you.

Know your Skills

Knowing what you are good at can help you decide what is best for you when you make your own invitations. For example, if you have good calligraphy, hand written wedding invitations can be a great option for you. However, if you consider that you won't have the skill or time to write invitations, printable invites are a better fit for your situation.

Quantity of Invitations

This is an area that many DIY brides overlook. You need to know how many invites you need and calculate a few extras as well in the total count.

You need spares to have some test runs of your invitations. They are also necessary in case that you have an unexpected event such as some getting lost in the mail, rips and tears, some sort of spill while placing the invites in the envelopes, and many other emergencies you may face.

Know your Budget

Inexpensive wedding invitations can turn into a big expense if you start adding extras.

For example, you can be using a blank invitation kit and realize that you want to present it in a different set of envelopes than the ones that came with the invites. Finding the proper envelope size of color can increase the cost of the overall project.

Same goes for other embellishments such as ribbons, feathers, vellum paper, and pocket envelopes to name a few. Know your budget and stick to it, planning ahead can help you avoid many headaches in the long run.

Know your Time Availability

Know how much time you have available to complete your project and how much time it will take you to complete each invite. Some brides to be are great at scrapbooking and decide to put their skills to use to create beautiful handmade invitations.

What they do not realize is that creating a large quantity of invites can be very time consuming, so it is good to know in advance how much time you will have to dedicate to this.

But you must be wondering? How do you make your own invitations?

There are many ways to achieve your goal.

If you make your own invitations by hand then this will be the most time consuming method, like in the case of the scrapbooking brides, but it is also the one that will give you the most freedom as to the invitation design.

Not only you will be making them manually, but also having your own wording, font, colors, motifs and embellishments.

Choosing a blank printable kit is another popular option for making your own invitations. In this case you will buy an already made kit and print your invites at home following the instructions provided to you.

In many cases you will have to log into the brand's website in order to be able to match fonts and templates as the invitations have a determined size that will properly print with the issuing company software.

Another option to get you started is to use a template. A wedding invitation template gives you the freedom of using different fonts, font sizes, colors and more at the privacy of your own home.

You can find simple or intricate designs in this kind of printable invitation kits. They give you a little bit more freedom than the ready made printable kits.

With templates you will have to supply your own paper and envelopes, which makes it an easier and affordable option for brides who want a variety of wedding invitations instead of a sole design for their whole set.

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They are also great for those couples who will have different receptions or ceremonies as they can print different addresses and/or wording.

Making your own invitations is a fun and rewarding project that any bride can achieve. Study your options and embark on the great journey of creating your own wedding stationery.

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