Create a Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet!

Do you want a super simple hydrangea bridal bouquet for you or the maids? Something airy and fluffy, but not complicated? Want to know how to make a hydrangea bridal bouquet just like this one? Then you're in the right place! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to do just that.

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Pros: Hydrangea is a super big flower, so you can get away with only a few stems for bouquets...a super savings! They can be ordered in just about any color imaginable, and are one of the few true blue flowers. A very easy bouquet that takes very little time.

Cons: Like all fresh flower projects, this should be done as close to wedding day as possible. They will need to be stored in a cool dry place, away from children and pets. Hydrangeas do not like the heat, and will wilt with prolonged absense of water. This bouquet should definately have a handy water container not to far away if you intend for it to be with you all evening.

Step 1: You will need 6 regular hydrangeas or 3 extra large hydrangeas, green florist tape, double sided foam tape, scissors, a good pair of florist clippers (or garden clippers), a wide satin ribbon, a sheer accent ribbon and three pearl head pins.

Step 2: Gather you hydrangea stems together until they make a round, ball like shape.

Step 3: While still holding the stems, use your florists tape to secure them in place. Tip: This “tape” is self adhesive. It’s a bit tricky to get going at first. Gently pull the tape until it becomes tacky. Once tacky, it will adhere to itself.

Step 4: Use a piece of double sided foam tape where you would like the ribbon handle to begin. Make sure that it is pulled in a complete circle and clings to itself.

Step 5: Attach the wide satin ribbon to the double sided foam tape. Press firmly.

Step 6: Wrap the ribbon around the hydrangea stems to the desired length, then cut.

Step 7: Fold the edge of the ribbon under itself so no ragged edges can be seen. Secure with your pearl pins. Tip: These pins will pop out of the other side of the handle if your not careful. Put them in as straight as possible, and check to make sure no painful points are waiting for you!

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Step 8: Take your sheer accent ribbon and measure it against your hydrangea bridal bouquet.

Step 9: Measure and cut several pieces and different lengths. Center them, and then tie them in a knot around the base of the flowers.

Step 10: You should have something like this. Tip: Streamers such as these are not necessary, but can be a pretty accent. Decide if your dress, or the bridesmaid’s dresses call for this type of detail or not.

Step 11: Fold the ends of your ribbon streamers, and cut them at an out going angle to create a decorative end.

Step 12: Decide where your bouquet should end, then trim evenly with your cutters.

Step 13: And now you have a very quick, soft and fluffy hydrangea bridal bouquet! Be sure to place the bouquet back in water as soon as it’s cut. If you decided to create the streamers, make sure they don’t get soaked.

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