Are you interested in how to make wedding bouquet s?

Have you been wondering how to make wedding bouquet s? The best way to start is to learn a little about them, first. Bouquets are a floral accessory for both bride and bridesmaids. No wedding is complete without some variation of this age old tradition. But you should know, this wedding day accent was not always so...flowery.

Calla Bouquet
Calla Bouquet
Carnation Bouquet
Carnation Bouquet
Daisy Bouquet
Daisy Bouquet

Rose Bouquet
Rose Bouquet
paper bouquet
Paper Bouquet
tropical bouquet
Tropical Bouquet

hydrangea bouquet
Hydrangea Bouquet
butterfly bouquet
Butterfly Cascade
beach bouquet
Beach Cascade

Superstitious Roots


If you were to take a step back into our superstitious roots, ancient Brides and Grooms actually wore wreaths of scented herbs to ward away evil, grant fertility and bring luck. The wreath developed into garlands, and from garlands came hand tied clusters of herbs, flowers and spices. Now I'm sure that flowers must have come into play after the blushing bride carried a powerful collection of garlic down the aisle succeeding in warding off the groom with the scent.


Wedding Flowers in Victorian Times


Actually, flowers seemed to come into play around Victorian times. During these times, flowers were chosen for their scents. Have you ever wondered why certain floral arrangements are sometimes called "Nosegays"? Because they were meant to keep the Nose Gay, or keep the nose happy. Flowers during these times were also picked for their unique meanings (ie; daisies for innocence, red roses for passionate love, etc, etc).

Flowers Today


Today, flowers are chosen for the joy that their beauty brings to a wedding. Either for color, scent, theme, meaning….the rules are much more relaxed and accommodating for today's Brides. In fact, literally hundreds of flowers are now available to you. But flowers are not your only option anymore.

Alternatives to Floral Bouquets


Many alternatives exist if fresh flowers are not suitable for you. And if you are learning how to make wedding bouquet s for your own wedding, you have even more freedom and control with your options! Everything from posies made out of tissue paper, fall leaves, monkey tails (fiddlehead fern), brooches, preserved roses, ribbons, ornaments, pine cones, lotus pods or beads, to entire cascades of flighty butterflies…even show stoppers that have been given up from the depths of the ocean! The imagination and a realistic budget are your only limits.

Always create a sample bouquet if you are working with fresh flowers for your bouquets.  Do this trial to make sure that you feel comfortable with how to make wedding bouquet s for your wedding.  And practice toting them around for a while to see how they hold up.  Be creative and enjoy making your bouquet!

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