How to Make Paper Flowers

Do you want to know how to make paper flowers for your wedding bouquet? Want to know how to make paper flowers just like the ones used for this bridal bouquet? Then you're in the right place! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to do just that.

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Pros: Cheap, cheap, CHEAP! This is so inexpensive it’s not even funny. It can technically be made months in advance. No worries about it wilting! You can use any color you’d like. And they are not heavy at all.

Cons: Labor intensive. It takes time to create these bouquets. If not stored properly, they can be crushed beyond salvaging. Water is definitely their enemy.

Step 1: You will need at least two colors of tissue paper (one pack per), thin florist wire, scissors, double sided foam tape, ribbon, green florist tape, pearl headed pins and several natural leaves if you choose to incorporate them.

Step 2: Take a piece of florist wire and bend it around a precut piece of base tissue paper. Tip: Precut your tissue paper into squares to make the process faster.

Step 3: Crumple the paper into a ball around the wire.

Step 4: Take a piece of lavender tissue paper (or whatever color you’re working with) and wrap it around the paper ball.

Step 5: Securely twist the excess paper around the base of the ball.

Step 6: Secure the paper stamen to the wire stem with florist tape. Tip: This “tape” is self adhesive, and may be tricky to get the hang of for a few minutes. Begin by gently pulling on the tape with one hand, and slowly spinning the wire with the other. The tape will become tacky and adhere to itself.

Step 7: Take a piece of precut tissue and fold it into a rectangle…

Step 8: Proceed to fold it into a square from there.

Step 9: Cut a round edge into the unfolded sides of the square. Tip: You can also use decorative edge scissors to create a frilly edge to the petals.

Step 10: Cut the “point” of the petal off.

Step 11: Repeat Steps 7 through 9 twice more, with two smaller petals. Tip: Vary the colors. Alternating petals work nicely.

Step 12: Feed the “stem” through the petals.

Step 13: Pinch the petals just under the stamen and secure with florist tape. Create 30 to 40 stems.

Step 14: Make a base for your bouquet using three stems of your wired tissue flowers. Note: how it forms a triangular shape.

Step 15: Add more paper flowers between the base flowers. Continue adding until the bouquet is full and round to your satisfaction.

Step 16: When you are satisfied, twist the stems circularly so that the bouquet does not move or fall apart.

Step 17: Wire and tape your natural leaves. Tip: This step is optional! This bouquet is perfectly precious without this added feature. This step is suggested if you’d like to add an extra element of realism to your flowers.

Step 18: Work your wired leaves into your bouquet. Bend them inward so that they can be viewed. Tip: Make sure the darker, glossier side of the leaf is turned so that it can be seen, as opposed to the underside of the leaf.

Step 19: Bend all of the wires in half. This is the start of the bouquet handle.

Step 20: You should have something like this now. Tip: Remember, the tissue can be fluffed out when you are done. And the wires can always be bent or adjusted if something is off.

Step 21: Take a piece of double sided tape and wrap it cleanly around the top of the handle. Tip: Where you would like the ribbon to start is where this should go.

Step 22: Take your ribbon and secure it to the double sided tape. Begin the wrap the handle, making sure to dip the ribbon down over the butt of the handle. Tip: Make sure you bend the ribbon over the bottom, so that no pieces of wire show.

Step 23: Fold the ragged edge of the ribbon under itself, and secure with your pearl pins.

Step 24: Fluff, bend and otherwise arrange the paper flowers to your liking,. Enjoy your paper posies!

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