DIY Bride Nikki

Bride Craft is pleased to share DIY Bride Nikki and her DIY Wedding! I was thrilled to stumble across Nikki's blog and to find out about her handmade wedding details. I was even more excited when she agreed to a DIY Spotlight interview. Read on for Nikki's awesome DIY wedding. All photos on this page copyrighted to Erin Stork Fine Art Photography.

The Creative Bride: Nikki

Her Groom: Jason

Wedding Date: 10.10.10

Bride Craft: So how did he propose?

DIY Bride Nikki: He took me to the local botanical gardens here in Orlando. We sat down on a bench, surrounded by the beautiful landscape and he handed me a box of Godiva chocolates. I opened it and there was my ring. (He went and picked out my favorite chocolates from there and put them together in a hand picked box)

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BC: So why did you decide to DIY for your wedding?

DIY Bride Nikki: This was both of our second marriages. I am artsy and crafty, so when it came to our wedding, I wanted a specific look, but I knew that we couldn’t afford it with our budget.

BC: What items did you DIY for your big day?

BN: Besides the food, cake and venue, I made almost everything. I made the centerpieces, the boutonniere, my bouquet, my daughter’s tutu, the signs for the cupcake table and gift/flair/guest book tables, the card box, the seating chart and the ecofetti containers.

BC: And how do you feel about the outcome of the items you created yourself? Did any of your guests make comments?

BN: I think that everything turned out great. People were amazed at some of the things like all of the items made with flowers and the card box. The seating chart was thrown together literally while I was getting my hair done before the wedding, so I could have taken more time with that.

BC: What was your wedding like? The good, the bad, the best parts?

BN: Our wedding was just what we wanted it to be: an awesome party for everyone. There were no bad parts. We are not high maintenance. I just wanted everyone to have fun and be able to look back and say that really enjoyed being at our wedding.

BC: Looking back, is there anything you would not have gone the DIY route with? Was there anything that the pros did that you would rather have done yourself?

BN: We printed our own invitations from one of those box sets. I would send the money next time because I have never wasted so much paper getting the aliment right. I have also never cursed so much at a printer before.

BC: Where there any disasters? What was your solution to the problems?

BN: The only problem we had was about 20 minutes before I was about to walk down the aisle; I unzipped my garment bag only to find that my slip, bra and shoes were not in there. I had left them at home, which was an hour and a half away. At that point, what can you really do? My girlfriend and I ordered a bottle of champagne and laughed. I wore her strapless bra and went barefoot.

BC: Anything you would like to share with other brides that are thinking of DIYing their wedding? Any words of advice?

DIY Bride Nikki: I think that as long as you have the time to commit, going the DIY route really makes your wedding extra special. It is a lot of hard work, but worth it in the end. If your girlfriends help you make stuff like mine did, you will definitely have many bellyaching laughs and the memories will be worth. Remember to be patient, don’t get frustrated if something doesn’t turn out right the first time and relax. In the end, you are marrying the man of your dreams and that is what it’s really all about.

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