DIY Bride Amanda

Bride Craft is happy to introduce DIY Bride Amanda, and her equally DIY Groom, Todd! I was very pleased to be able to have several email conversations with this creative, upbeat DIY Bride from Ohio. She created a lot of her wedding day details herself...she even took on her own wedding cake! Read on for Amanda's recounting of her beautiful DIY wedding.

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The Creative Bride: Amanda

Her Groom: Todd

From: Galloway, Ohio

Wedding Date: May 2, 2009

Bride Craft: Care to share any proposal details?

DIY Bride Amanda: Todd's proposal was PERFECT! I had NO idea! I came home from work one was our 18month anniversary :) I opened the garage door and the inside door was locked. There was a note that said "Come in the front door" I went to the front door...I opened the door and the lights were down, there was music playing, there were candles and rose petals and pictures of us everywhere! Todd was nowhere in sight. I looked down and read the first of a trail of note cards. It was a journey of notes and pictures that progressed from the first time we met, though all of our milestones. It was beautiful :) At the end of the journey he was standing in the kitchen all dressed up and smiling :) It was the best proposal I could've ever imagined :)

BC: What did you decide to make yourself for your wedding?

DIY Bride Amanda: I decided that I was going to make the flowers because I tried my hand at some a few times and they turned out well. I wanted to be able to keep them forever. I also decided I was going to make our cake for the same reason. I took a few cake decorating classes this time, though, in order to learn to get the icing more smooth :) Todd and I together, made our invitations from a kit we got at a craft store...and added a few of our own touches. Todd came up with the centerpieces (he is so good) and we made up some candle arrangements for those.

BC: What made you decide to DIY some of your wedding day details?

DIY Bride Amanda: Todd and I wanted a simple, quaint, affordable wedding...but we wanted a memorable one too. So we decided to make all these things ourselves so that we could both save money, and make it even more memorable because we worked on it ourselves, together.

BC: And how did it/they turn out? Did any of your guests make any comments?

DIY Bride Amanda: I was so happy with everything! The cake looked professional. I couldn't believe how nice it looked all set up. I had a friend set it up for us before we got to the reception so I hadn't seen it all put together. It looked great! The guests couldn't believe I made it! The flowers turned out great, I will cherish them forever. They looked so real! The centerpieces were a hit too, we let everyone take them home as gifts :)

BC: Did you use Bride Craft as inspiration for anything?

DIY Bride Amanda: Yes, I did. The step-by-step on making a real flower cake topper was a HUGE help! I looked and looked for help on that, and the Bride Craft "How To" on that was super awesome! I also took some ideas from the step-by-step on making the bouquets as well.

BC: What was your wedding like? The good, bad and best parts?

DIY Bride Amanda: Our wedding was wonderful. It was a small wedding, only 30 guests. We had the ceremony in a garden gazebo at a wedding chapel in Columbus. It was really nice. We worried ALOT about the weather. You know...springtime in Ohio can be really tricky. It could rain, it could snow, it could be 100 degrees!

Well, Friday night when us girls went to get our nails done the sky opened up and it poured down rain!! We actually had tornado sirens going off because funnel clouds were spotted in the area! But Satruday morning I woke up...and the sky was blue and the sun even came out. It was sunny and 65 degrees :) Honestly, I don't really have anything bad to say about the day. Everything really turned out nicely :)

BC: Anything you would like to share with other Brides who are thinking about DIYing some of their wedding?

DIY Bride Amanda: Even though it's more work and a few more things to think/worry the end it's really a great thing when you can add your own personal, crafty touches to your wedding day. I promise you'll get some nice compliments and you'll have some nice memories to share when you look back at your photos :)

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