Cheap Wedding Cakes - Great Ideas to Save!

Getting ready for your big day with a budget that isn't quite so big? You can get cheap wedding cakes that are delicious AND absolutely beautiful. Your guests will never know how much money you saved! Weddings are expensive, but there are some great ways to cut costs...and a cheap wedding cake is a good place to start.

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Wedding cakes vary greatly in price, but you don't have to pay an exorbitant amount to have a cake that is just as beautiful as the expensive ones. No one has to know that you are budget minded! Your special day can include an affordable wedding cake that is just as special. There are many options, and here are a few easy suggestions:

1. Ask around to see if any friends or co-workers know of someone who makes cakes part time. There are many people who bake wedding cakes that are delicious and beautiful as well, but easy on the budget. Be open minded, but ask for references from a few successful jobs and see photos of things that this part timer has done in the past.

2. Skip the costly icing. Instead of fondant, try using butter cream. Fondant is the most expensive, so if you aren’t in love with it, don’t stress the budget here.

3. Consider the shape of your wedding cake. Many people aren't aware of this, but round cakes are less expensive than other shapes! 4. Choose a flavor that most people like. For the money you do spend, you want a cake that people will eat. Although you may enjoy Italian cream cake, your guests may not - which means lots of leftovers. Spend your money on a flavor everyone will enjoy.

5. Fillings can affect prices more than you realize. For a cheap wedding cake, choose simple fillings such as chocolate or vanilla. Strawberries, pineapple and other fresh fruits add significantly to the cost.

6. You can use a fake bottom tier on your wedding cake. Real cake will be used for the top tiers, and no one will notice. You may also want to consider using more "dummy layers", and use a sheet cake kept in a back room when it comes time to serve your guests.

7. Decorations add greatly to the cost. You can have a selection of cheap wedding cakes to choose from by considering using decorations and other materials that are borrowed from friends and family, or request these decorations as a wedding gift! For example, request a cake topper as a wedding gift.

8. Visit discount food warehouses like Sam's and purchase several sizes of white iced cake and stack them yourself. You can add your own decorations, creating a quick and cheap wedding cake.

9. Buy two or three roses, and sprinkle the petals around the outside edges of the tiers of your cake. This will add color and elegance without adding much cost.

10. DIY your own sugar flower decorations, and add them into a plain cake. Labor/time is often the most expensive part of wedding décor. Trade your own time for your vendors’.

11. Pass on sugar flowers all together and opt for fresh flowers to dress up your cake. Keep in mind that many professionals will NOT add fresh flowers onto the cake these days unless it is done in a certain manner, as pesticides on the flowers are now a concern. Get around this by creating a cake topper in Oasis foam, covering stems in strips of foil before insertion, or specifically ordering organically grown blooms, etc. 12. Go the cup cake route. You can order a 6” cake for the cutting ceremony, then have cup cakes on an attractive stand. They can be color coordinated with your wedding, and seem to be the perfect serving size. Also, if your caterer charges a cake cutting fee, you will most likely be able to bypass this charge.

13. Embellish your cake with alternative materials. Everything from ribbons, bows, holiday icicles, strings of pearls and much more can be reinterpreted into lovely cake details.

14. Ripen your cake’s look with fresh fruit. Clusters of grapes would be ideal for a Tuscan or wine inspired wedding. And whole strawberries group together could be an incredibly unique cake top and accent (and can we say CHOCOLATE dipped strawberries anyone? Very simple to do yourself). Lemon and lime slices may be just the thing that your summer wedding cake needed (extra yum if the cake is lemon flavored yellow cake).

These are just a few tips to help make your wedding day a bit more affordable. Also, realize that wedding cakes are priced differently in various regions. While one area may offer cakes that aren't outrageously priced, the upper class area of town will probably charge much more.

I hope these tips and ideas will help you create a cake that is gorgeous and delicious for your celebration! Your guests will never know the difference, and your budget will be a little less stressed by serving an cheap wedding cake that is still dressed to impress.

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