Arrange a Calla Lily Centerpiece

Craving the clean, elegant look of a calla lily centerpiece for your wedding? Does the lofty ceiling of your venue make you think that tall callas would fill the room in better? Does the shallow depths of your pocket book tell you that pro calla lily centerpieces are well above your budget? Then this project is for you! Check it out to see how you can DIY your own super elegant centerpieces with this well favored flower.

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Pros: Suprisingly easy to create! Simple construction, with maximum "WOW". You WILL save in the area of $100 per centerpiece, depending on your region, by creating this yourself.

Cons: Callas can be tricky sometimes...make sure you are purchasing from a vendor who is selling you fresh product, and not passing old flowers off on you (an occasional industry problem). Transportation is another issue. If possible, it is best to create this piece on site. Find out if your venue will store them in a cool, prviate room for you over night.

Step 1: You will need 10 to 14 standard size callas, 8 to 12 stems of curly willow tips, a tall vase with a mouth no larger than 6” in diameter (if your vases are larger than this, you will need to increase the stem recipe to compensate), a pair of clippers, scissors (not shown), a sharp cutting knife, a straight pin or double sided tape and a ribbon on your choice.

Step 2: Take 1 to 3 stems of your willow tips and twist them around your hand, as shown. Make sure that the spiraled willow is wound small enough to be passed through the mouth of your vase.

Step 3: Submerge several groupings of curly willow into the vase, as shown. Make sure that it is spread apart through the length of the vase.

Step 4 Work your remaining willow tips through the submerged spirals, and out the opening of the mouth. This will help to create height for your piece. Also, you have now created an effective “grid” with the willow, which will help hold the calla lilies in place.

Step 5: Begin building your calla lily centerpiece with one stem of calla. Angle it slightly outwards from the vase.

Step 6: If you are using an even dozen, start by placing the first 4 callas in at an outward angle, as you did with the first stem. Note: It might not seem clear at first, but you are basically adding 3 “layers” of callas into the arrangement. Each layer consists of 4 callas, going from and outward to inward angle.

Step 7: Take your 5th calla, and place it between the callas in 1st and 2nd place in your arrangement order at a higher angle, as shown.

Step 8: Place and rest of your second set of 4 callas.

Step 9: Following the same pattern as before, place the remaining callas, at the highest point inside the vase. Your calla lily centerpiece should look something like this.

Step 10: Measure, cut and secure your ribbon at the rim of the vase, giving the piece a more finished feel. Tip: Fold the cut end under itself before pinning, to hide any ragged edges. If pinning isn’t secure enough for your tastes, use a small amount of double sided tape to adhere the ribbon.

Step 11: Your calla lily centerpiece is complete! Enjoy your creation, the savings and all of the bragging rights that come with pulling this piece off.

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