DIY a Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet!

Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

Are you longing for an elegant calla lily bridal bouquet for your wedding day? Can’t exactly fit this fabulous flower into your budget? Then consider this do it yourself wedding bouquet tutorial to help guide you to creating a professional bridal bouquet for tons less than professional cost!

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Pros: Reasonably affordable and super simple, this project offers truly satisfying results. Very easy and fast to create.

Cons: Like any fresh flower project, this must be made clost to the wedding date, no sooner than two days prior at most. While mini callas are famous for being very sturdy, standard size callas can be fickle and can wilt or brown for seemingly no reason sometimes. Use caution when creating this piece.

Step 1: You will need 7 to 12 standard size calla lilies, 3 to 5 tropical Ti leaves, a bunch of lily grass (bear grass can be used as a similar alternative), waterproof floral tape, double sided foam tape, satin ribbon, 3 to 12 pearl head pins, scissors and a sharp knife or flower clippers.

Step 2: Start building your calla lily bridal bouquet by using the waterproof floral tape and attaching a single stem of call to your ti leaf, and adding in pieces of lily grass as you see fit, as shown.

Step 3: Begin adding additional stems to your base and securing with the waterproof tape. Tip: Stagger each stem of calla that you add to your bouquet for a more interesting shape.

Step 4: Take your ti leaf and bend it forward, back down to the stem and secure it with waterproof tape as shown.

Step 5: Repeat with as many pieces as you feel you want to add to your bouquet.

Step 6: Measure your folded ti leaf against your bouquet and begin deciding where you want to place your folded leaf accents.

Step 7: Secure your folded tropical leaf as shown.

Step 8: Your bouquet should look something like this. Tip: Make sure that you are disguising any visible tape with greens or stems. The rest can be covered later with your ribbon.

Step 9: Begin adding additional staggered stems of calla lily to your bouquet and securing as needed.

Step 10: Add in your finishing folded ti leaf when you are satisfied with your bouquet.

Step 11: Begin creating your bouquet handle by wrapping a piece of double sided tape where the handle should start. Proceed to peel away the plastic backing.

Step 12: Begin wrapping the handle of your calla lily bridal bouquet with your satin ribbon, starting from the double sided tape and winding downwards, as shown. When you have reached the appropriate length, trim any excess ribbon.

Step 13: Fold the ragged edge of the ribbon under itself and secure with your pearl head pins. Tip: You can trim the handle of the bouquet elegantly by continuing the pearls up the handle in a straight line.

Step 14: Using your sharp knife, trim the bottom of the calla stems so that all are even with each other.

Step 15: Your calla lily bridal bouquet is complete! Place in a heavy vase with cool shallow water at the base (enough to cover all the stems, but not high enough to soak the bouquet wrap) and store in a cool dry place until wedding time. Enjoy!

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