DIY Cake Figurines for your Wedding!

Trying to customize your cake on the cheap? Cake figurines are inexpensive to make, and add a splash of personalization to your wedding day dessert! Besides, what could be cuter than having a mini Bride and Groom that look just like you?

Pros: A handmade item on your own wedding cake is cheaper and more meaningful than buying something at the cake shop. You can design the bride and groom however you want giving you complete creative control that can really shine on your wedding day…and it’s super cheap, with some of the supplies probably already lying around the house.

Cons: Some simplified artistic ability is needed and you might have trouble if you feel you are lacking in the drawing department. Paint can stain counters and clothing if you don’t color everything appropriately, and it’s easy to mess up on your tiny painted details. Bring your patience to the table for this project!

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Step 1: You will need a hot glue gun, a sharp pencil, several craft paint brushes, a paint palate with your desired paints in them, two wood people blank figurines (more feminine figurines are available out there, too! Keep your eyes peeled), a wood base and smaller wood circle to fit onto the top of base.

Step 2: Start by taking your pencil and drawing the cake figurines’ eyes, mouth, hairline, shirt, jacket outline and tie….repeat for the other figurine with dress, bouquet, hair, eyes, etc. Be as creative as you want! Try to mimic what you and your fiancé will wear on your wedding day.

Step 3: Your cake figurines may look something like this. Try to keep the design simple, with major details standing out a bit more. This will help keep the project simple and recognizable.

Step 4: Next start with white paint and block in any spaces that require this color, such as the groom’s shirt and the bride’s dress. Do your best to stay in the lines on this one. And try not to paint over the details you painstakingly blocked in, such as the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s tie.

Step 5: This is how the figurines should be coming together so far.

Step 6: Next, block in the groom’s suit with your chosen color. Our groom is wearing black, but you can have him in any color to match what he will be wearing the day of the wedding. So that all of the details on the suit are not lost, we went over our pencil lines first with charcoal gray, and then blocked the black in after that. Don’t forget little details like the lapels, pockets and buttons!

Step 7: Add hair (unless your fiancé is shaven, of course)! For the groom, we started with dark brown and added a lighter brown as a highlight, in places that gave it the look of texture. For the bride, the same applies. We started with yellow, and then went over with a paler yellow to create a wavy look.

Step 8: Unless you are very confident in your abilities, keep the eyes simple. Match both of your eyes colors for a fun little detail.

Step 9: Now fill in the groom’s tie, the flower in the bride’s hair (if you drew one), the bouquet in her hands, etc. Orange is used here for the base color. Details will be added on top of this.

Step 10: Putting a peach color onto the grooms jacket fold for a boutonniere and dabs onto the bouquet gives the appearance of flowers, also a small outline of the flower in the hair completes the look.

Step 11: Adding another color to the peach and going back in we added stripes on the grrom’s tie and more flowers to the bride’s bouquet.

Step 12: Now for the wood base and circle top! We chose to paint these a peach and orange to tie the wedding colors in and compliment the accent colors on the cake figurines. Once the circle top is dry glue it to the top of the base with the hot glue gun to give it a layered effect, as shown in picture. Tip: This shape could be a square, a star or a heart, too! The sky is the limit.

Step 13: Glue the cake figurines to the painted base with the hot glue gun. Make sure to use enough glue to keep them secure!

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Step 14: Allow them to dry, and ta-da! Custom cake figurines, made by you. Store someplace safe until wedding day, then simply place on the top layer of the cake. Enjoy!

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Contact Us! Have a question? Want to suggest a project? Want to share your DIY Wedding Story? Need some advice? Just drop us a line through the contact form and get a response within 48 hours.