DIY Branch Wedding Arch!

Are you an earthy bride who loves the idea of a branch wedding arch? Have your dreams been shot down by the high price you've been quoted by a regular florist? Then this do it yourself wedding arch is for you!Below you will find a step by step tutorial teaching you how to create this beautiful wedding arch.

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Pros: Much cheaper when done yourself! And with fairly professional results. Very easily decorated and customized as well. This could even be created quickly the day of the wedding if all of your supplies are in place.

Cons: Curly willow can become stiff and loose it's flexibility. So this project should essentially be created around a week before the wedding. And keep in mind that transportation and storage could be tricky.

Step 1: You will need 8 to 12 stems of seven foot tall curly willow (be very specific of your height when placing your order or looking for pricing), 6 to 10 stems of medium curly willow, 2 large decorative planters (seal any holes on the bottom with sturdy tape), 1 large bag of sand, durable twine wire,sturdy wire cutters and enough sheet moss to cover the bases.

Step 2: Take your containers and fill them fairly full of sand. Do not pack the sand down.

Step 3: Next, take your tall curly willow and divide it in half, saving an equal portion of stems for the second container. Firmly press the curly willow down into the sand until it will go no further. Begin doing the same with the other stems, making sure to position them to your taste.

Step 4: Next begin working the smaller curly willow into the arrangement of taller willow stems. Use these smaller pieces to "thicken" up the base of your branch wedding arch. When you are satisfied, pack the sand tighter with your hands in a patting motion.

Step 5: Now, take pieces of sheet moss and tuck them into the mouth of the container, working to hide the moss and make the bases look lush, as shown.

Step 6: The two arch pieces should now look like this. Pull both pieces into the distance that you would like them to be.

Step 7: Using your wire cutters, clip a decent sized piece of wired twine off of the roll. Standing on a ladder, pull the tips of each arrangement of curly willow together, as shown. Intertwine them with your hands, and then join them together with the wire. Twist until secure.

Step 8: And your wedding arch should now look something like this. Customize however you like...paint the branches, add hanging moss, crstals, ribbons, long stems of flowers, clusters of grapes, etc, etc. You are limited only by your creativity. Enjoy!

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