How to create a unique Birdcage Veil!

birdcage veil

Plan on wearing a super chic Birdcage Veil for your wedding day? Having a hard time finding one in your price range, or one that you feel is “you”? Want to know How to Make a Birdcage Veil just like this one? Then you're in the right place! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to do just that.

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Pros: Pretty easy and inexpensive to do. Of course this can be made in advance, and can be customized in any way your heart desires!

Cons: This project can be a bit tricky, and might frustrate the impatient crafter.

birdcage veil, step 1

Step 1: You will need at least two feet of stiff tulle/netting, a feathered embellishment and extra feathers (These are optional, and certainly interchangeable with other decorative bits!), a glue gun and glue stick, two small metal hair combs, scissors and needle and fishing like or fine thread. Note: A wide thread was used solely for photographic purposes. Clear, thin fishing line or a matching thread will give this veil a more professional look.

birdcage veil, step 2

Step 2: Measure the tulle against your head to get a feel for the length and width that you would like. Then trim the netting , adding at least three inches to the length of the cut. You should have a rectangular strip of tulle. Tip: Play with the shape of the netting! Hold it to your face and decide if you would like a scalloped, curved or straight edge.

Step 3: Pull your needle and thread through the top of your strip of tulle, and gather gently to create a slight fan shape in the veil.

Step 4: You should have something like this.

Step 5: This step is optional. Holding the thread and needle securely, work a section of the netting towards the needle end. You should basically be creating a gathered side that will be a denser section of netting. This is the side your embellishments will be secured.

Step 6: After you’ve gathered the amount of netting you would like, secure it with a knot directly behind where you would like the effect to end.

Step 7: Sew a small metal hair comb to each “upper corner” of the veil.

Step 8: Your veil should look like this now. Note that the gathered end is curling up.

Step 9: Another view, showing you how the netting and combs should be able to wrap in a U shape.

birdcage veil, step 10

Step 10: Take your main feather embellishment and hot glue it to the gathered corner of netting, securing to the comb. Tip: Use a light hand with the glue, until you can decide on how much you need.

birdcage veil, step 11

Step 11: Place delicate dabs of hot glue in position so that any undesirable materials can be concealed with additional feathers.

birdcage veil, step 12

Step 12: Carefully press your feathers onto the glue. Continue until you are satisfied with the overall look of the veil. Tip: Remember not to singe your fingers! Use caution.

birdcage veil, step 13

Step 13: You now have a beautiful birdcage veil, ready to wear! Remember to take your veil when going to hair trials. Store in a dry, safe place until wedding day.

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