Design Your Own Beach Bouquet Cascade!

Are you having a beach wedding?  Is the ocean your ultimate inspiration?  This beach bouquet cascade is a great alternative bouquet that will completely incorporate your love of beach-inspired beauty.  Want to know How to Make a Beach Bouquet just like this one? Then you're in the right place! Below you will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to do just that.

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Pros: Can be made months in advance, and customized in almost any way imaginable.  Only a moderate skill level is required!  And you're ALMOST guaranteed that none of your friends have ever carried a bouquet like this!

Cons: The only major con that you experience is that it is a little tricky to make sure everything is secure.  Lot’s of hot glue is a necessity!

Step 1: You will need some decorative beach netting, silk greenery (preferably with a paper-like texture and a seaweed look), a large Styrofoam bouquet holder, double sided tape, ribbon to wrap the handle, an assortment of sea shells and starfish, floral greening pins, scissors and wire cutters (not pictured) , floral picks, a strand of string or raffia, 1 to 3 pearl pins, hot glue and a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Take your netting and secure it to the bottom of the bouquet handle with a greening pin.  You may additionally secure it with hot glue if you like.

Step 3: Create loops/pleats/gathered sections around the side of the bouquet holder with more greening pins.  Your goal is to cover the Styrofoam holder’s sides and begin to create a bit of an organic shape.

Step 4: Cover the front of the holder with the netting, and secure with greening pins.

Step 5: Gather a section of netting from the lower portion that is creating the “cascade” part of the bouquet.  Loop it up in any fashion that you feel is attractive, and secure it to itself.  Your goal here is to create an interesting, organic beach bouquet shape. 

Step 6: You should have something roughly like this.  The beach bouquet is beginning to take shape and the cascade portion is in place. 

Step 7: Using your wire cutters, separate a section of your silk greens, and trim them to your desired length. Tip: Make sure that the stem is long enough to be pressed securely into the Styrofoam, and won’t jut out the other end. Also, mind the placement of your silk greenery. It should be acting as an artistic accent.

Step 8: Use your greenery to create an artistic base for your design. Your bouquet will look it’s best if you do not over do the greenery, and if you attempt to keep it looking natural. You might have something like this now.

Step 9: Choose a shell that you would like to be a focal point. Put a very large puddle of hot glue on the inside base of the shell.

Step 10: Quickly sink a greening pin into the glue and hold it until it becomes tacky. Tip: It seems to take forever for this to dry sometimes…pop this carefully into the freezer to chill the glue, thus securing it quicker!

Step 11: Sink your shell into an appropriate place in the Styrofoam holder. Remember to try and follow a loose, organic style. Anything very structured will look awkward.

Step 12: Take another large focal piece and secure it loosely to the netting. Tip: Use either a flat thin shell or a starfish. A round shell may hang awkwardly on the netting.

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Step 13: Secure the shell or starfish more securely from behind with the glue gun. Make sure that the glue is not really noticeable from the front.

Step 14: Create more shell pins. Carefully choose their locations, and secure with heavy amounts of hot glue.

Step 15: Your bouquet might start to look something like this now. Tip: Stop every now and then and use a full length mirror to check your progress. It’s much easier to see what needs to go where when you can see the piece held at the proper angle.

Step 16: Begin adding select shells to the cascade portion of the net.

Step 17: Fill in the main body of the bouquet as needed at this point. You should be done with the larger pieces, or finishing. Now is the time to add in the more delicate shells and starfish.

Step 18: Note how only a small portion of the netting can be seen now.

Step 19: Be creative! Use interesting shaped shells, or glue smaller shells onto larger ones.

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Step 20: You might have something similar to this now.

 Step 21: Cover the Styrofoam bouquet handle in double sided tape. Peel off the paper covering.

Step 22: Begin the ribbon treatment by pressing the ribbon onto the rear, upper part of the handle, as shown. Pull it around so that it completely covers both sides, and is now on the “front” of the handle.

Step 23: Wrap the ribbon back down the base, covering the handle. Cut any excess. Fold the ragged edge under itself. Secure the ragged edge with your pearl pins.

Step 24: Cut an additional piece of beach netting and secure it to the holder from the rear, as shown with a greening pin.

Step 25: Cover the back of the plastic beach bouquet holder with generous amounts of glue. Proceed to wrap the netting around the back in a more uniform manner. The goal is to cover the white plastic holder.

Step 26: The back of your holder should look like this. Tip: Silk greens and ribbons can also be used to cover the holder. The beach bouquet holder should always be covered.

Step 27: Enjoy your beach bouquet! Store in a safe place until wedding day. An open box with tissue to rest it on should do the trick. Sponsored Links

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