All About Bride Craft... 

 Hi there!  I’m Brittany, and I dreamt up Bride Craft back in 2005.  With constant encouragement from friends and loved ones, I was able to make Bride Craft live in 2008. Bride Craft was created to be a place to inspire and share crafty ideas for do-it-yourself weddings with brides all over.  I’ve been wrapped up in the wedding and event industry for the last nine years as everything from a floral designer, a photographer, a catering assistant, a design instructor, a consultant, a planner and (of course) a bridesmaid!  

So what will you find here?  A lot of useful info, advice, ideas and great tutorials.  This site is a constant labor of love and will always continue to keep growing with new things.  I hope you find it as inspiring as I do! Send me a message if you have any questions or are looking for an idea that you can’t seem to find…I enjoy hearing from my readers very much. Good luck Bride Crafters!


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Brittany is a Certified Floral Designer who resides in sunny South Florida.  She enjoys arts and crafts, kids, her darling kitty cat, reading and nature.  You can typically find her spending any spare moments with her sweetheart. 

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