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April 20th, 2015

New Project!

Bringing our own twist to the old poem, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue! Some Blue. You’ll love this elegant bit of Bouquet Jewelry for your walk down the aisle.

January 31st, 2014

New Article!

Sharing some thoughts and tips on Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers. Personally, I LOVE flowers at a wedding, but there is life outside of traditional fresh cut flower centerpieces. Whoda thunk it?

Wedding Gab...

It was such a busy holiday season! After surviving the holidays, I was invited to volunteer for the Tropical Plant Industry Expo out in Ft Lauderdale a little bit ago. It was a wonderful experience and I got a lot of professional ideas from other designers. And as always, I was inspired with thoughts and ideas for Bride Craft and DIY brides.

Now I'm hurtling towards Valentine's Day at a super large retail florist and I will be a busy, busy girl! Much love to all my visitors until after then!

November 26th, 2013

New Project!

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Check out our Gourmet Strawberries, perfect for wedding favors! I hope you enjoy this project as much as I enjoyed eating it after it was done. ;)

Wedding Gab...

I'm staying on my toes as we rush into Thanksgiving this week. Lots to do around my busy day job, and just as much to do in my home life. This time of year I like to remember my wonderful parents, spend time with my little family and be thankful for the many blessings in my life. Remember, they come in many shapes and forms! Happy Thanksgiving.

November 18th, 2013

New Project!

It's sweet to break the updating silence with a neat treat! Looking for a cheap, easy favor? Take a peek at this adorably simple Marshmallow Pop Favor! It's a budget friendly favor that can go a long way, from individual favors to the still popular sweets buffet.

Wedding Gab...and more!

It's been a long year with a lot of ups and downs. The downs are always rough, but I'm so pleased to share my ups! My biggest delay with updating Bride Craft has been a major life milestone...I've purchased my first home! My other half and I spent a lot of dedicated time working (and working, and working) and hunting (and hunting and hunting) for something that would fit us. What an experience!

Between house hunting and purchasing (and moving), I also flew out to Las Vegas and took my PFDE (professional floral design evaluation). I scored highly and was given the title Certified Floral Designer which is an addendum to my name. So I'm now Brittany Madon, CFD! Yay, me. I'm hoping to hit Chicago next year and take the test again. My goal to gain the American Institute of Floral Design's higher title, AIFD.

And I've been teaching up a storm! I always knew I enjoyed sharing projects with people, but teaching floral design has been really gratifying. I have some repeat students that are just amazing people. And they've made me realize that I could definitely introduce slightly more complex designs to Bride Craft. I can't wait to roll out some of my new ideas.

Now that life is settling down, expect to see more updates. :)

November 27th, 2012

New Project!

Try your hand at making your own custom Cake Figurines! Grace your cake top with perfect little look-a-like brides and grooms.

Wedding Gab...

Wow, have I really not updated in so long? Shame, on me, shame. Life has gotten busier and busier since July. A lot of good things are happening, though! Been doing more party planning and working with a FABulous company designing personals for their weddings. And I’m teaching floral design (more advanced than our Bride Craft stuff, but I must say…Bride Craft sure helps me look at things as a teacher!) a lot now, too.

While my life may be quite busy right now, I would like to promise that I will never give up developing fun things for Bride Craft. Some projects are moving at a turtle’s pace right now, but slow and steady did win the race.

June 27th, 2012

New Project!

Click on our newest project and see how to make an Orchid Corsage! This incredibly quick and easy project will amaze you. No wire, no tape, all elegance.

Wedding Gab...

Working hard on creating the new Bride Craft Blog. Not up yet, but soon enough you'll be seeing everything from product reviews, real wedding stories, quickie wedding day DIYs and more!

April 9th, 2012

New Project!

Check out our brand new Beach Wedding Decoration project! It’s a super simple aisle marker using nothing but raffia, a starfish and a little of your love. Way cute idea for your beach wedding.

Wedding Gab...

Busy as always! I switched up my role at work and am hoping to still be involved in the creative side of things (just not the stressful paper-work side of things). So I’m waiting for that to settle down. Working on ideas for Bride Craft as usual! Hope to be sharing lots of cute projects with you soon.

March 16th, 2012

Format Change and Article Alert!

So we've figured out that some of you are having a hard time finding the project tutorials! And that's because we try to offer oooooodles of great information at the start of our pages and leave the tutlorial links all the way at the bottom. But never fear! We're trying to make that easier now. On all page that list our project tutorials you can expect to see a shift to much less text.

What's going to happen to all that super good info? It's going to get it's own seperate article page for you to read up on when you're looking for that info! Just like our "new" Wedding Bouquets article!

Hope you enjoy the new arrangement and keep an eye out for the uncovered project links! :)

DIY Centerpiece Contest!

Can you believe not a single soul has entered the DIY Centerpiece Contest?!? Do you know what that means for your odds of winning? Enter the contest...;)

Wedding Gab...

So I've stepped away from the main consulting psition at work and am so excited! I can't wait to sink my hands into all the creative elements of weddings again. Besides that bit of excitement I'm busy as usual. Editing wedding images for clients, working on bridal shows, meeting other web site owners, setting up wedding's all been great. Can't wait to relax and find time to get things together to share with all of you. :)

March 6th, 2012

New Contest!

We're giving away a glittery grand prize in our first ever DIY Centerpiece Contest! Enter for YOUR chance to win!

Wedding Gab...

So, I'm really drained from my day job as a floral wedding consultant right now and have decided to switch it up a bit. Wish me the best of luck in my transition, and expect some more care and attention being given to Bride Craft in the next few weeks!

February 8th, 2012

New Article!

Learn about today's most popular Wedding Cake Toppers! Learn a little so you can weigh your pros and cons when it comes to crowning your cake.

Wedding Gab...

Wow, it's been a while since I updated last. I've been so super busy. From the holidays to a big move, I've been running. And now we're coming into a very busy wedding season in South Florida, my home town. But despite always seeming super busy I've still had time to be inspired! I got to train 18 people on floral cake decorating techniques, talked with brides about how their cake consultations are going and I even got to try my hand (not the first time, but always a feat) at several wedding cakes. I've got some great ideas I'm hoping to share with you during the rest of this month that might help to keep the cost of your sweet confection under control.

Until then, happy planing!

November 27th, 2011

New Spotlight!

Check out our new project about creating an Orchid and Light Centerpiece! Incredibly easy! A special thanks to my wonderful Mani for bringing me the orchids and moss for this project.

October 18th, 2011

New Spotlight!

Check out our new project on Wedding Cake Card Boxes! This one was fun to make. Special thanks to Andrea for her help on the actual project.

Wedding Gab...

Wow, busy girl as usual. It's gearing up to be a busy time for weddings in South Florida. So I'm working away these days! I've had some great opportunities to see the inner workings of bridal dress shops, meet new brides, reaquaint myself with vendors I haven't seen in ages, photograph several weddings, etc. As always, keep an eye out for new things on Bride Craft to give you great DIY ideas!

September 22nd, 2011

New Spotlight!

Check out Nikki’s DIY wedding which is being featuredas a Bride Craft Spotlight! Nikki was nice enough to share her DIY wedding experience with us. Check out her blog NikkiNicole for insights into this Mrs’ life and photography.

Wedding Gab...

Hey Bride Craft readers! So sorry for the ever delayed update. I’ve been running around California for the past few days! Now that I’m home I’ll be back to focusing on updates. I got a chance to the go to the San Francisco Flower Market, a California bridal show as well as a beautiful wine country wedding venue (complete with vineyard view and rustic barn). No photos from this trip but lots of great ideas I hope to share with you soon!

August 27th, 2011

New Project!

Check out the new project, Wheatgrass Centerpiece for step-by-step instructions on creating your own wheatgrass centerpieces!

Wedding Gab...Hey Bride Craft readers! Sorry for the silence…But nothing is new! Meeting with tons of Brides, going on lots of weddings and working on trying to get great new ideas together for Bride Craft updates. Do you have ideas that you would like to see on Bride Craft? Let me know. :)

July 21st, 2011

New Project!

A day later than promised, but check out the new project, Elegant Wedding Invitation, featuring a rhinestone buckle and rich satiny ribbon!

July 18th, 2011


New Article!Introducing guest author Andrea Korin of Creative Theme Wedding Ideas. Andrea has given her tips on how to Make Your Own Invitations. Check out her article in our Library!

Wedding Gab…

The last several weeks have been filled with wedding emergencies. Bouquets not being what the bride wanted (and having to fix them, QUICK!), a venue going out of business days before a wedding…and never contacting the bride about it. Grandparents passing away just before wedding day…What a rough stretch! But as always, there’s good with the bad. I’ve been able to take make great connections, help people through rough patches and learn some new tricks. And that’s always good…

This Week!

This week Bride Craft is featuring Invitation Week! Check back Wednesday and Friday for a new Invitation themed update. Great DIY ideas, on the way!

May 23rd, 2011

New Project!

Check out the new project, DIY Cupcake Stand for step-by-step instructions on creating your own super cute cupcake stand.

Wedding Gab...

So things have been super busy for me this year. I got to attend the SBI conference in Tampa several weeks ago and got some great insights for Bride Craft. I also was able to work assisting another event planner in Tampa for a wedding at the beautiful Tradewinds hotel on beach. I attended my first Indian bridal show (certainly the first bridal show I've been to with camels!) and I have been meeting with tons of brides these past few months. I have executing bridal show booths and have stressing like wild with my work load! But all this wedding work gives me tons of ideas to share with the crafty brides who read Bride Craft. Contact me if you have any ideas you'd like to see on Bride Craft! I love the extra inspiration that comes when my readers email me. :)

January 31st, 2011

New Project!Check out the new project, Tulle Pew Bow for step-by-step instructions on creating your own dreamy, fluffy tulle pew bows for the aisle.

Wedding Gab...

Wow, what a start to the year! I am now the wedding consultant at my employer’s biggest (and busiest) flower shop. And what an incredible learning experience. I am meeting with triple the number of brides as before, and getting all kinds of insight into what’s in demand, hot color schemes, adorable ideas, etc. But as usual, this sure does make me busy! It’s my goal to spend as much of my free time as possible updating and improving Bride Craft. Drop me a line if you have any ideas that you’d like to see on Bride Craft…Be it a suggestion for a project, article or story.

December 13th, 2010

New Article!Check out the new article, 7 Tips to Save Money with Your Wedding Florist for great tips to be aware of before you go to your floral consultation.

Wedding Gab...

I’m sorry it’s been so quiet! I’m been a busy gal…

These past few months I have been devoted to growing the new brand that my floral company has come out with for weddings and events. It takes up a LOT of my time. But as always, I learn all kinds of things from it. So, I’m busy, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing right now.

More updates are planned for this month. Check back periodically!

July 20th, 2010

New Project!

calla lily centerpiece

Check out the new Calla Lily Centerpiece Project and try your hand at creating a super glam centerpiece for your wedding!

Wedding Gab...

It's been an interesting few weeks lately!

The company I do wedding consulting for was both gracious and generous in paying my way to attend Florida State Florists' Associations annual convention a few weeks ago. I listened to experts speak on the wedding and event industry from the floral perspective, which is of course, a huge point of interest for me. I was also lucky enough to see the work of Hitomi Gilliam, a highly celebrated floral artisan. Her work can be found at . She was definately promoting the floral industry and it's artisans. Her work might suprise you and make you think outside the traditional when it comes to flowers.

And last week was my friend's wedding! I flew up to New York and spent a few really fun days with my friends, and then shot her wedding. I expect to be able to share her DIY wedding with her very soon in the Bride Craft Spotlight. Check back soon!

July 7th, 2010

New Project!

Check out the new Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet project! This is a great bouquet....really simple to make and very elegant results. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Coming Soon...

This month you'll see me focusing on Calla Lily wedding items. Check back before the end of the month for more.

Wedding Gab

Sheesh, my life is non-stop weddings right now. I am meeting with dozens of brides every month and getting all kinds of ideas...

Right now, the wedding that's on my mind is the one I'm going to next week. My childhood friend is getting married in New York state next week. She's flying me up so that I can shoot her wedding for her (next week I'll take my wedding consultant hat off and put my photographer hat on). I'm excited and starting to feel it. I'll definately share my experience with you when I'm home again. :)

May 20th, 2010

New Project!

Check out our Custom Ring Bearer Pillow project! This is a great item to customize….change the colors or fabric to match your theme. Perfectly precious. Special thanks to Melanie for the help with this project!

Coming Soon…

Sorry for the long silence! Coming soon is a few interviews and articles that I feel will be very useful for you DIY Brides. Check for those by the end of this month/start of next month.

Wedding Gab…

Boy, oh boy. I’ve been a busy girl.

I’ve taken a full time position as a wedding consultant, so a lot of my time has been devoted to the weddings this company has happening. And it’s awesome, because I can share so many things with my Bride Craft readers because of it. But it certainly does take a chunk of my time.

Help keep me motivated to share and expand Bride Craft! Drop me a line, ask me a question, suggest a project….Your feedback is a huge motivation.

December 29th, 2009

New Project!

Check out the Branch Wedding Arch tutorial and learn how to construct a whimsical, natural backdrop for your wedding ceremony. And photos.

Coming Soon…

First, happy BELATED holidays! I was going to try and get a Christmas/Winter themed centerpiece tutorial up before the holidays, but that didn’t happen. Luckily for me, my lateness means all kinds of holiday items are now on sale, so look forward to a themed project shortly.

Wedding Gab...

SO many wedding related happenings this month! I did get to go with my Aunt to a few dress stores…That was fun (kind of like dressing up Barbie, really). And then I had several weddings occur this past few weeks…the most notable being two that I had mentioned, along with one that I wasn’t expecting to be a part of.

I went to the Keys for the first time a few weekends back for my first Florida Keys destination wedding. The weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony and reception. The wedding was held at Hawks Cay in Marathon…and I have to say. Best…gazebo…ever. The view for the ceremony was incredible. And the reception was sprawled out around the pool, with the colors being aqua, gold and white. Very pretty wedding. And I was continually entertained by the presence of an unexpected guest who kept darting through the tables and chairs, a bright green iguana. (After you’ve seen as many weddings as me, these things entertain you.) Photobucket

That wedding was a huge success, spilling over into an after party later in the evening.Another wedding I was able to see involved something even more unexpected for me. A mother and daughter marrying their respective partners in the same Christmas themed ceremony, and then sharing the Christmas themed reception. It was very lovely…but absolutely bizarre for me. Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this?

And finally, a wedding I had been helping with for months happened…and it went beautifully…and I am SO relieved. This wedding involved a very hands on, budget minded DIY bride. And it really went awesome. I am crossing my fingers that once she and her husband are back from their honeymoon, and everything dies down, that they will say yes to a Bride Craft interview so that I can share what a good job she did on her wedding.


December 8th, 2009

New Project!

Check out Royal Icing Flowers and learn how to make a plain cake perfectly pretty. Sorry this one is so late...I've been promising it for months. <;)

New Article!

This has been up for a few days, and I just didn't have time to list the update sooner. Check out DIY Bride Becca...Modern Bride's "Nearly Vendorless Bride"! She shared some wonderful information with me that I know many DIY brides will benefit from. Thank you, Becca.

Wedding Gab...

I have to apologize for the length between updates...I have been soooo busy. And not even with weddings! I have been wrapped up in the seasonal money maker that is the holidays (Wrapped...get it? Ah, nevermind..). Creating gorgeous trees, wreaths, etc is fun, but it's still not quite as fun as my weddings. As usual, though, doing one thing has given me ideas for other things. I hope to be able to share a few holiday themed goodies with you before the season flies by.

On actual WEDDING happenings, I have a very dear Aunt getting married very soon. This is the Aunt who stepped in and really did so much when we lost my Dad. I'm really appreciative of her help and am thrilled to be able to say "thank you" by helping with her wedding. I plan on helping her have a beautiful wedding however I can. I'm also expecting to wear several hats for this wedding, and am excited about sharing my experiences with my Bride Craft visitors.

Even sooner than my Aunt's wedding, I'll be involved with a very DIY wedding for a Bride named Paula. I hope she'll be willing to share her experience with all of you through the Spotlight, after her wedding.

And, of course, weddings this upcoming weekend through some of the awesome wedding pros that I work with.

Coming Soon...

I have a great tutorial on creating a curly willow arch coming as soon as I can get to sharing it with you. Suprisingly simple, and it could help save you you a bit on your ceremony decor. Check back for that!

October 31st, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Here is a project t to celebrate a frivolous holiday, a Pumpkin Centerpiece that’ll light up the table.

Coming Soon!Been crazy busy, but look forward to an interview from the recently featured “Vendorless Bride” from Modern Bride, along with a cake project I have been promising forEVER.

Check back soon!

October 5th, 2009

New Project!

Here is the Daisy Bridal Bouquet that I promised. Contact me with any questions. :)

Will be updating again soon with more projects.

October 1st, 2009

Hey there Bride Crafters!

Very sorry for the hiatus, but it was for obvious reasons. Bride Craft is just not as fun without my Dad's feedback and involvement... And because of that I would actually love to hear from you! Drop me a line with any questions or ideas that you may have. It'll perk me up and help keep me inspired.

I know it's been weeks and weeks since I posted anything new, but there have been things in the works. For now, I'll leave you with two...

New Articles!

Have you heard about the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress that Ann Kagawa Lee of Hawaii made as a contest entry? Well, I thought the whole idea was so fun that I hunted her down and got her to say yes to an interview. Thanks Ann!

And are you planning an Autumn wedding? Then have I got some great Fall Wedding Ideas for you. Enjoy!

Coming Soon...

Very close to completion is several projects. Two of those are the cake project that I promised forever ago, and a daisy bridal bouquet that I know at least three of you are watching for (I'm so sorry for the wait...and thanks for understanding). I'm crossing my fingers that the bouquet project will be up this weekend.

Wedding Gab...

I had the pleasure of creating some beautiful pieces for a wedding held on 9-9-09. It's funny, but the bride actually went to the same high school as me and graduated the year before me. The funny part? We'd never met, yet she was so down to earth and cool. But, we met and I was able to do the flowers for her wedding. She had a beautiful butterfly theme...butterflies in the corsages, butterfly place card tree, butterflies in the centerpieces and the candy buffet...heck, she even had butterflies all over the wedding arch. And she topped it off with a butterfly release during the ceremony. A definate theme, but not over done at all. She was actually pretty crafty, too, and I hope she'll say yes to being featured in the Spotlight so you can get to know her a little bit. Here's hoping!

August 15th, 2009


I wanted to take a moment to share with you the loss of my Dad. Before I started Bride Craft, I had lost my mom. My Dad stepped up to the plate and was just awesome with me. We always had a good relationship, but we became very, very close in the last year and a half. And after losing Mom, I needed a friend like that.

I recently traveled out of town to work on a wedding on the other side of the state when I got the call that we had lost my Dad. As devastated as I am by this loss, I can't help but be grateful to have had such an INCREDIBLE man in my life.

He was so supportive and motivational, and was more involved with Bride Craft then anyone realized. We used this site as a project that we could work on together...I have learned so much from him, and not nearly enough. I don't have proper words for what he meant to me and cannot possibly describe to anyone what a loss I feel.

July 8th, 2009

New Projects!As promised, there are three new centerpiece projects featured on Bride Craft, all at very basic skill levels!

Check Out our modern version of a Rose Centerpiece ! I suspect this one will be a favorite because of it’s simplicity to arrange, and clean-cut beauty.

Check Out Floating Candle Centerpiece ! Candles and weddings go hand in hand. Consider this uncomplicated centerpiece to help bring light and color to your reception.

Check Out our Delicious Apple Centerpiece ! A classic and basic idea, with a terrarium-like twist. Not quite your Grandmother’s fruit bowl, this concept adds some wedding day class to a favorite fruit.

New Articles!

Need help with your wedding day colors? Check out Wedding Color Schemes – How’s a Girl to Choose? for ideas and inspiration!

Considering a candy buffet at your wedding? Definitely check out Wedding Candy Buffet Tables for pointers on this treat-supplying trend.

Coming Soon…

In the works is one of the wedding cake projects that I promised you would start seeing over the summer. So keep an eye out for it within the next two updates!

Wedding Gab…

Just when I thought the season was dead! I was called out to set up a small wedding in North Miami this past July 4th (Yay! Free wedding day fireworks…). A small wedding, and yet it managed to be a huge challenge. We arrived late to the wedding due to a car fire on the highway. Luckily, the ceremony was being delayed to the last possible minute due to possible rain. Once we got the all clear, we were go! We had more hands than normal for a set up, so it worked out beautifully, with the ceremony and reception décor going up quicker than I had seen in a while. And perhaps I was working TOO quick, as my cell phone popped out onto the concrete and cracked to bits. A casualty of war, I suppose. My favorite detail about this wedding? I’m enamored with the top tier of their cake…delicate sugar flowers and gold painted details. So pretty…

June 28th, 2009


Nicola Ray, of Cheap Wedding Success has generously shared her tips for a cheap wedding! Check it out in the Bride Craft Article Library, Tips for a Cheap Wedding. Make sure to visit her site and get more great tips and ideas.

New Project!

Check out Simple Hydrangea Centerpiece! This quick, easy centerpiece will boggle your mind. Remember, if you decide to try this centerpiece, you need to request the EXTRA large stems of hydrangea. Have fun!

Coming Soon…

Curious about your centerpiece options? Check back often this week, as we have three more centerpiece projects to share with you!

June 20th, 2009


I have the pleasure of introducing a guest author in this update. Tracy Russell of has been kind enough to contribute a wonderful addition to the Bride Craft Article Library, Confessions of a Budget Bride. Make sure to visit her site and read how she planned her entire wedding and honeymoon on a mere $6,000!

Coming Soon…

Several more informative articles are in the works, as well as a couple of great new projects! Expect to see new projects late next week…

Wedding Gab…

Life has been keeping me busy, as is the norm. I did go to a very interesting networking event the other night in Miami. A warehouse was converted into an event rental facility, with bare stone floors and white fabric draped walls. Color was brought into the space with lighting, and the vendors showcasing at the event had custom gobos for their company logos. What was really interesting about the space is that it sported South Florida’s only indoor, permanent ice bar. The walls were made out of thick blocks of ice…columns of ice had orchids frozen into them, and people sat in 5 foot benches of carved ice. The bar was made of ice, circles of ice were suspended as decorations in the corners…heck, even the shot glasses were actually made of pure ice! The space is certainly a novelty, and I did pick up a few ideas for centerpiece projects that I hope to be sharing with you over the summer.

June 3rd, 2009

New Project!

Check Out the Hershey Kiss Rose Favor!

As promised, a quick, cheap wedding favor. This great little favor is an easy to customize sweet treat for your guests. You can place them at each place setting, arrange them in a vase or even secure them in a bed of grass for display!

Got a great DIY wedding favor idea? Contact Us to Share!!

Introducing…Make Fabulous Cakes! A guide to FABelicious creations.

I recently found Darlene’s site, She has some incredible DIY cake tutorials on her site that I thought went along great with the whole concept of Bride Craft. If you are a DIY diva looking to snazzy up some personal cake projects, or if you’re looking to find an alternative to a completely pro cake, consider some of her great projects (I especially like her “Fondant Ribbon Roses”…this would be great to dress up a simpler wedding cake…super easy!). Check back often, as she will be launching a wedding cake section soon that will be sure to please.

Wedding Gab…

And speaking of wedding cakes…I must admit that I’ve been inspired recently. I even went so far as to sign up with a professional cake decorating instructor to brush up on my skills (Ahem, my new skills on display above). I’m pleased with the results so far, and hope to be able to bring Bride Craft readers some reasonable cake project ideas this summer. While in many parts of the country the wedding season is in full swing, it’s actually dying down in South Florida (I will admit that hurricane season has no little part in this). But this gives me a great opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest! And it also frees up my time to work on bringing more and more to Bride Craft. Come back often and see what’s new!

May 16th, 2009

Spotlight Introduction!

Check Out or first DIY Wedding Spotlight!! Amanda has been gracious enough to share her experience as a DIY Bride to help inspire and encourage other Brides. She has been absolutely awesome, answering questions and sharing photos. Special thanks to Amanda (& Todd!) for sharing her DIY wedding with us.

Want to share your story, also? Feel free to Contact Us!!

New Articles!

Check Out Dress Up the Dress for thoughts on embellishing a simple dress. And visit Is a Holiday Wedding for You? to help you decide if a wedding centered around a holiday is a good fit for you!

You can view these and other wedding related articles in our Wedding Article Library!

Coming Soon… What’s coming up in the next update? Even more article submissions, as well as a fun, quick and CHEAP wedding favor.

May 11th, 2009

New Project!

Check Out How to Make a Boutonniere !

This project takes the famously elegant mini calla and lays out step-by-step instructions to fashion the flower into a boutonniere. DIYing this part of your wedding can save you anywhere from $5 to $10 dollars a gentleman…And if you have a larger wedding party, it begins to add up. Enjoy!

As promised, Bride Craft has launched it’s Wedding Article Library.Stop by and check out the useful articles that are there. And feel free to suggest more article ideas that you would like to see!

Coming Soon…

In the near future you can expect to see several more informative articles go up in the Wedding Article Library. Also right around the corner you can expect to see a neat little favor project tutorial (Finally! A favor!)posted.

Wedding Gab

I have been pretty busy these last few weeks, and a bit sick. I did attend what should have been a beautiful wedding…and the ceremony was beautiful…but the bliss was disturbed during the cocktail hour when two feuding family members began making a scene and the police actually had to be called to escort some of the wedding guests out of the club. Both the Bride and Groom were devastated, and I was so disappointed to have to see the Bride repeatedly wipe tears from her eyes as she was trying to have her photos taken. Just a gentle reminder to keep a close eye on the guest list. You work too hard to create this one day to have people who should be respectful ruin it for you.

On a lighter note, I'm refreshing my cake decorating skills! I've recently been inspired by a Bride who's making her own cake to brush up some more on my skills. I'm hoping she will share her story with you on the Bride Craft Spotlight, but we'll see how she feels. I definately want to be able to provide our readers with many, many more DIY cake options during the summer. So wish me luck as I break out my cake pans!

April 26th, 2009

New Project!

Check Out Silk Sunflower Centerpiece !

This incredibly SIMPLE centerpiece is going to look amazing in the dimmed light of an evening affair. Modern, easy to create… and the BEST part? Affordable! This centerpiece was originally designed for Nichole’s wedding in South Carolina, which is coming up on May 1st. We wish lots of luck to Nichole and her groom (as well as her mom Rhonda and their friend Melanie, who will be setting everything up!).

Coming Soon…

As I promised before, Bride Craft is about to post several informative articles on all types of wedding related topics. While the majority will be submitted by moi, in the future I will be inviting guest writers to submit valuable (free) information to Bride Craft’s article collection. I know I said this before, but definitely keep checking back to see how Bride Craft grows. The goal is to be as useful to today’s budget bride and groom as possible. That being said, if you have a comment or suggestion, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and let us know about it!

Wedding Gab

As usual, these last two weeks have been full of weddings for me. What stands out in my mind the most? RAIN. I had the pleasure of working with a florist/event planner who just knew when to over step her bounds. Being as I am in South Florida, you can imagine how many outdoor weddings I see. And you can never count on the weather. Sure enough, the outdoor ceremony that was scheduled to take place on the ballroom terrace of an upscale Miami hotel was unexpectedly moved inside due to rain. The Bride had never discussed a rain plan, but this savvy pro was wise enough to bring a back up plan anyways. Long story short, the décor that was planned for the outdoor ceremony was totally not possible to recreate indoors. So the florist/planner whipped up a chiffon backdrop that was flanked by tall vases of curly willow and roses. She then also incorporated the Bride’s centerpieces into the ceremony backdrop (not in the original plan). It was breathtaking and totally transformed the new ceremony space flawlessly. But I shudder to think of what would have happened if she hadn’t decided to over step her bounds and chance putting into effect this never-discussed back up plan. The moral of the story? Don’t dwell on all the possible things that could go wrong. Just be creative and consider possible solutions in advance!

April 10th, 2009

Special Thanks...

I would like to take a moment to thank a Bride and Groom (NOW a brand new Mrs and Mr!)for helping to host some brand new projects. Annie and Greg have been working with me on their wedding plans since late 2008 for their wedding this past March 15th, 2009 in Miami Beach, Florida. I had the pleasure of being their florist (and I hope a friend!) during their wedding planning. The Bride and Groom came equipped with some really great ideas which we were able to blend together into a beautifully decorated event. With no little amount of credit going to the Bride! She did her homework, researching and double checking everything to make sure that her guests enjoyed the best celebration possible. I think Annie and Greg ended up with an absolutely glam Florida affair! They have been gracious enough to allow me to share with Bride Craft readers the chuppah and wedding card box that I custom made for their special day. And as usual, we took step-by-step photos and paired them with basic instructions so that you can create your own wedding day master pieces. Annie, Greg…thanks a bunch! Wishing you lots of happy healthy years together.

New Projects!

Check Out How to Build a Wedding Chuppah!

An intense tutorial on building an easy travel, fabric draped chuppah. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely a wedding day show stopper!


Check Out Craft a Satin Card Box for Your Wedding!

This elegant wedding day detail will make you smile when you see how easy and quick it is.


April 8th, 2009

New Project!

Check Out How to Make a Carnation Bouquet!

Carnations are a GREAT flower to work with for a DIY wedding. A DIY Bride, Dana, actually emailed us and requested this project late February as a guide for her upcoming wedding. We wish her good luck and hope she finds this tutorial useful! :)

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Coming Soon...

A special thanks to a recent Bride Craft Bride and her new Hubby...and two AWESOME projects. Check back soon, as this update may be this Thursday or Friday!

Wedding Gab

Lots of things going on for me lately...I've just been working a lot. And some of that work includes Bride Craft updates! Pretty soon we'll be launching an article section to the site. And we're going to be focusing on filling up some of the empty project sections with some incredibly fun project goodies. Keep checking back as Bride Craft grows.

February 9th, 2009

New Project!

Check Out How to Make a Beach Bouquet Cascade!

A neat new project in the Bouquet’s section this week… Check out our Beach Bouquet Cascade! An alternative from flowers, it’s a unique idea for the bride who is into the mystery and beauty of the ocean and the beach.

Wedding Gab

Wow, it’s a busy start to the week for me! Spending a lot of time at a large flower shop, helping to bring them through what they hope is a good Valentine holiday season. And is it ever busy already! This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. Due to the holiday being associated with intense romance, there are of course lots of brides and grooms who jumped at the chance to say “I Do” on V Day. What many may not realize is how expensive flowers become around holidays (Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, to name a few…they all bring floral prices up). But rest assured there’s always a creative solution. Keep checking back at Bride Craft for the launch of our new helpful article section! This new section will have lots of wonderful, quality ideas and solutions for some of those budget busting problems. All for free, as usual!

Show off your inner gourmet with gourmet strawberries wedding favors you made yourself!

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