7 Tips to Save Money with your Wedding Florist

Looking for ways to keep your wedding flowers at a reasonable rate?  Consider these 7 tips to save money with your wedding florist! 

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1.       Consider seasonal flowers!  Certain flowers are available all year round, and some come and go with the seasons.  Talk with florists about what flowers are going to be in season around the time of your wedding.  They may have a better price than usual because of their abundance at that time of year. 

2.       Plan your nuptials far from major holidays.  Flower farms charge more for flowers around major holidays (Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) due to supply and demand.  Also, the farms feel tremendous pressure to produce mass quantities of flowers at these times, so the quality of the flowers is not as high as the flowers are “forced” to bloom.  Holiday-free times are better for flowers as the quality is better, the price is usually lower (supply and demand, again!) and most florists are so slow in the summer that they may be willing to give you a bargain so that they can stay busy during the slow months. 

3.       Choose one or two types of flowers and let them carry through the entire wedding.  A florist is sometimes able to get a better price if they are ordering boxes of a single type of flower.  If a florist has to hunt for 10 stems of this, 40 stems of that, 20 stems of this, 100 stems of that, etc… they will almost always be paying top whole sale dollar. And you will be paying top retail dollar! But if they can order straight boxes, they could save money and pass the savings on to you in some cases.

4.       Choose looser styles arrangements.  When choosing your arrangements, don’t go for extremely tight, compacted styles that used tons of flowers.  Pick lower arrangements that feature lush designer greeneries (seeded eucalyptus, bear grass, springeri, salal, plumose, etc).  The greens will help stretch out the size of the arrangement without the need to add excess flowers to create the shape that you want.  Less flowers mean less cost. 

5.       Provide your florist with containers to use.  A florist will work a container into the cost of your centerpiece arrangements.  You can find out how much less it would be per piece if you found a comparable container yourself.  You may find that it could shave as much as $15 to $20 off of each centerpiece.  Be sure to get the measurements of the container, though.  You may find another container that is the same price, but has a much larger opening.  A larger opening will call for more flowers, so get the dimensions so you can give your florist an equally sized piece.

6.       Mix table centerpieces.  If you have your heart set on high centerpieces but can’t manage the cost of all high, then mix it up.  Have high and low centerpieces.  You get to double the fun of choosing two centerpiece styles for your wedding, and you can cut the cost by skipping tall arrangements on every table.  A good tip to keep everything looking cohesive is to stay with the same types of flowers or colors for both styles.

7.       Recycle.  Use your ceremony flowers elsewhere!  Do you have a spray of flowers going on an arch or gazebo?  This could be laid out beautifully across the sweetheart table.  Have a large bridal party?  Lay the bouquets around the cake table.  Using a low, round centerpiece that sits flat on the table?  Use these on columns down the aisle for the ceremony and have the florist move them during the cocktail hour.  You may be charged a higher Delivery or Set-Up Fee, but you’ll save money by skipping the extra pieces and using what’s already been made.

Let us know if these 7 tips to save money with your wedding florist were helpful!

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